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believe with me. imagine the future

City Church Kampala as a family is passionate about having a place for worship that is a true visible emblem of the glory of God.This fire has gone wild getting members pledging monthly, offering weekly, and doing sales to raise funds to see the project started.


The desire to see this come to pass as soon as possible has CCK members, friends and partners devoted to making a life changing contribution to the people of Kampala and Uganda at large.  The fire has grown so big that we have seen other ministries and of course our family members from the diaspora rise to the cause. A lot more has to be done to see this come to life, and we are asking you to join us in prayer, financially and any other way you can think of in order to help see a dream come true. So we welcome all support for Kingdom development here on earth. All funds currently collected are secured towards building an auditorium on the beautiful piece of land in Butabika, a Kampala suburb which is where CCK is carrying out most of its activities. Once the foundation is done more updates on every stage will be coming your way, so keep the fire burning to see this through.

Wondering how to get involved, be and partake of the blessing? Call this number: +256790914792 or send us an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will be glad to let you know how.

Weekly Activities


Day off for most volunteers and staff of CCK (unless otherwise office is usually closed)


Worship team rehearsal